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You can email CoeliacsMatter here.

You can call us on +44 (0)20 7722 2866

You can write to us at:
CoeliacsMatter, 5 Lawn Road, London NW3 2XS, UK


About Us

Coeliacs Matter is an entirely independent pocket option download informational website, part of the FoodsMatter family of sites, focusing on coeliac disease, wheat sensitivity and gluten-related disorders.

The site has several hundred articles and reports, and gets approximately 4,000 unique visitors accessing over 100,000 pages each month. Coeliacs Matter has its own Facebook page and its own Twitter account with almost 3,000 followers.

Our People

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson (Editor)

Cressida Langlands (Deputy Editor)

Alex Gazzola (Contributor / Social Media)

Micki Rose (Contributor)




Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

Michelle has been involved with food sensitivity for nearly 30 years, ever since her baby son and his father were both diagnosed with milk intolerance.
Since then she has pocket option login manufactured 'freefrom' food, run a magazine about food sensitivity for both health professionals and patients, written a number of books on food allergy/intolerance, devised over 1,000 'freefrom' recipes and started the hugely successful FreeFrom Food Awards – as well as editing the FoodsMatter family of websites and writing the FoodsMatter blog (complete with garden and cats!)

You can contact Michelle by email here.



Cressida Langlands

Cressida joined Berrydales Publishers in 2008, and ran the Foods Matter magazine’s subscriptions department until the magazine was finally put to bed in 2010, and Foods Matter became a series of websites.
Cressida writes up John's research reports for the Foods Matter, Coeliacs Matter and Skins Matter sites and does the company bookkeeping – as well as attending 'any other business'.
Cressida is the FreeFrom Food Awards coordinator and social networker, manages the site and is deputy editor of, and

As you can see, she loves her job!

You can contact Cressida by email here.



Alex Gazzola

Alex first contributed to Foods Matter in 2006. He writes reports and features for us on food allergy and intolerance, coeliac disease, food labelling, digestive disorders and other related subjects for both and – as well as looking after our social media accounts. He specialises in food sensitivities, and his latest book, Coeliac Disease: what you need to know, was shortlisted for the Guild of Health Writers Award 2012 for best health book. He blogs at Food Allergy and Intolerance Ink and his website is here. Alex is also deputy editor of our sister site,, and the co-ordinator of our FreeFrom Skincare Awards. He also runs all our social media accounts.

You can contact Alex by email here.

MickiRoseMicki Rose

Micki is an experienced clinical nutritionist and lifelong food sensitive. After setting up a naturopathic health centre and practising full time for 15 years, she now manages her three websites, two blogs and an eshop, where she offers lab tests, consultative reports, e-guides and DIY treatment plans.  Her aim is to pass on as much knowledge as she can before she loses her marbles.

Micki discovered along the way that her own myriad health problems (mostly chronic fatigue, neurological and IBS related) were down to food sensitivity, and she now focuses on researching and writing about food allergy and intolerance, fatigue and bowel problems mostly.

Over the last two years, she has been digging into gluten sensitivity and hyper-permeability after her symptoms improved dramatically when she realised she was an undiagnosed coeliac and went grain free. She has set up a specialist site at where she is beginning to question and explore how we diagnose and treat gluten illness and food sensitivity.  She is our Coeliacsmatter agony aunt and a regular contributor to all our sites.

For more information, check out her main website and follow her on Twitter @PureHClinic or @TrulyGlutenFree








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Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity: A Clinical Perspective.

Study day run by The Academy for Paediatric Gastroenterology and Coeliac UK.
Alex Gazzola reports.

All about Marmite...
Sue Cane investigates whether the
love-it-or-hate-it spread really
is suitable for coeliacs – or not ...

Gluten Summit – the overview
Micki Rose pulls together the findings
of the 2014 Gluten Summit.

Gluten Summit Speakers 5
Leading clinical nutritionist, Dr Liz Lipski
and world authority on autoimmune disease,
Dr Yehuda Schoenfeld.

Gluten Summit Speakers 4

The field specialists: Dr Rodney Ford, gastroenterologist, paediatrician, gluten specialist; Dr David Perlmutter, neurologist, research scientist and Dr Daniel Amen, psychiatrist, brain imaging scientist.

Gluten Summit Speakers 3
Micki Rose reports on Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou (Gluten Related Disorders specialist) and Dr Umberto Volta (Cardiology, internal medicine, immunology)