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General articles on coeliac disease and
its causes

For research reports on the causes of coeliac disease click here

Gut Microbiota, Diet & Nutrition – from the Gut Microbiota for Health Experts Exchange 2013-4. 'There is little doubt that diet and nutrition affect the microbiota....but the relationship is bi-directional. We are specifically interested in the dietary protein gluten and how the microbiota may modify disease severity and expression.' November 2014

Discussion of the neurological problems linked with coeliac disease. Dr Moises pocket option app for pc Velasquez-Manoff's blog. Octoebr 2014

Gluten Summit Speakers Series: What Did They Say? Micki Rose reports. First up: Dr Michael Marsh & Professor Alessio Fasano July 2014

Dietary intervention for autism: a role for gluten and casein? An extract, by Paul Whiteley from his new book, Autism: exploring the benefits of a
gluten- and casein-free diet. A practical guide for families and professionals
. May 2014

Archaeologists studying the bones of a wealthy young woman living in Tuscany 2,000 years ago sugest that she may have suffered from coeliac disease. April 2014

Understanding the Patient: Coeliac Disease and Associated Conditions. Coeliac UK’s annual research conference for 2014 was held at the Royal College of Pathologists. Alex Gazzola reports on some of the presentations. March 2014

New Joint BSPGHAN / Coeliac UK Guidelines for Coeliac Diagnosis in Children. The new paediatric guidelines are aimed at helping diagnoses in young people, speeding up their treatment – and saving the NHS money. Alex Gazzola reports. November 2013

Celiac Disease and Autoimmunity: Review and Controversies – Jolanda Denham & Ivor Hill Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The Ohio State University School of Medicine  May 2013

A team from the University of Edinburgh and Queen Margaret University have found that coeliac disease affects six times more children living in Scotland now than it did in 1990. September 2013

Celiac Disease and Its Association with Other Autoimmune Disorders Beyond the Gut by Aristo Vojdani, PhD – in the Townsend Letter, June 2013

Coeliac disease, originally thought to be largely confined to Northern Europe and Australasia and uncommon in North America and the Middle East, is now equally common in all these countries. It is still thought to be rare in the Orient and Sub-Saharan Africa although wheat consumption there is now of the same order as in Western Europe so CD maybe come more common in the future. June 2013

Dermatitis Herpetiformis: an overview from Natalia Plotnikova, BS; Jami Miller, MD Division of Dermatology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. (Courtesy of TrulyGlutenFree) March 2013

How important a role do gut bacteria play in the development of coeliac disease? Lengthy article in NY Times by science writer, Moises Velasquez-Manoff suggesting that a 'relatively impoverished, unstable microbial community' may be a trigger for developing CD in genetically at-risk children. February 2013

Oral and dental issues such as enamel defects and mouth ulcers may be an indication of coeliac disease. December 2012

The armed forces may not be able to deploy personnel with coeliac disease as to do so could 'pose an unacceptable risk to the individual, and to their colleagues on operations.' Parliamentary answer December 2012

Good overview of celiac disease from Professors Fasano and Cantassi, including diagnostic methods, the gluten-free diet as the cornerstone of management and a recognition that gluten sensitivity may occur in the absence of coeliac disease. December 2012

Cyrex Laboratory Tests. Nutritionist Christine Bailey discusses the Cyrex gluten sensitivity antibody tests that have recently arrived in the UK and their value to those with autoimmune conditions, coeliac disease and gluten sensitivities. October 2012

Helpful blog from nutritionist Christine Bailey on genetic testing for coeliac disease. September 2012

Testing does not always successfully identify a sensitivity to gluten. Dr John Briffa's interesting blog post. August 2012

Everything you need to know about coeliac disease (and whether you really have it). A good overview from an Australian post-doctoral scientist. May 2012

How gluten causes coeliac disease. Lengthy blog post explaining in detail, but in layman's terms, the precise mechanisms involved in the autoimmune condition and suggesting that getting rid of gluten may not be enough. February 2012

NCGS (Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity) and related gluten terminologies.
Alex Gazzola explains. March 2012

Revising paediatric diagnostic criteria for coeliac disease. Alex Gazzola reports on a conference to discuss the new European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) criteria. February 2012

Long article in the NYTimes about the rise in both coeliac disease and the availabilty of mainstream gluten-free food. November 2011

An article on the website linking gluten intolerance/coeliac disease with the use of antibiotics and candida. November 2011

Wheat & gluten research: the dark side of wheat. Two detailed articles on the GreenMedInfo site 'against perceiving wheat intolerance as simply a matter of allergy/genetic intolerance in a minority subset of the human population, but rather as a species-specific intolerance, applicable to all.' July 2011

Diagnosing coeliac disease via your teeth. From the Ask Dr Manny website. October 2010

Sarah Jones suffered for years from 'abnormal liver function' before, by chance, she tried a gluten-free diet. September 2010

The dark side of wheat - new perspectives on coeliac disease and wheat intolerance. A lengthy and interesting article on suggesting that far from coeliac disease being a genetic 'disease' it is 'natural, protective response to the ingestion of something that the human body was not designed to consume'. March 2010

When is a wheat allergy not a wheat allergy? Michelle Berriedale-Johnson investigates. February 2010

Anaemia is an often overlooked symptom of coeliac disease. February 2010

Is it time for mass screening? Carlo Catassi of the Maryland Center for Celiac Research discusses the challenges faced by the international coeliac community at the Gastro2009 meeting in London. November 2009

Lactose intolerance and coeliac disease – is there a link? Professor Paul Ciclitira explains. July 2009

Evidence that the rise in gluten intolerance is related to increasing electrosmog. Philippe Hug explains his theory. April 2009

Celiac disease insights: clues to solving autoimmunity. Study of a potentially fatal food-triggered disease has uncovered a process that may contribute to many autoimmune disorders. Professor Alessio Fasano of the University of Maryland School of Medicine explains. February 2009

Hyperthyroidism, celiac disease and the gluten connection. An interesting post on the glutenfreeworks website. March 2008

Indigestion and coeliac disease: some observations on possible links between indigestion and coeliac disease, by Tom Stockdale. February 2008

Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance: A thorough overview by John Scott. October 2007


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Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity: A Clinical Perspective.

Study day run by The Academy for Paediatric Gastroenterology and Coeliac UK.
Alex Gazzola reports.

All about Marmite...
Sue Cane investigates whether the
love-it-or-hate-it spread really
is suitable for coeliacs – or not ...

Gluten Summit – the overview
Micki Rose pulls together the findings
of the 2014 Gluten Summit.

Gluten Summit Speakers 5
Leading clinical nutritionist, Dr Liz Lipski
and world authority on autoimmune disease,
Dr Yehuda Schoenfeld.

Gluten Summit Speakers 4

The field specialists: Dr Rodney Ford, gastroenterologist, paediatrician, gluten specialist; Dr David Perlmutter, neurologist, research scientist and Dr Daniel Amen, psychiatrist, brain imaging scientist.

Gluten Summit Speakers 3
Micki Rose reports on Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou (Gluten Related Disorders specialist) and Dr Umberto Volta (Cardiology, internal medicine, immunology)